अन्तरजाल पर साहित्य प्रेमियों की विश्राम स्थली मुख्य पृष्ठ

Unicode display problems in Windows platform :

1. Windows XP and IE 5.5 +: you do not need to do anything

2. Windows XP and NS 4.77+ : do the following ?

  • go to Control panel>Regional and Language Options
  • click the ?languages? tab
  • check the ?install files for complex scripts?.?
  • Click ?OK? on the warning and then ?OK? again to close the panel
  • Windows will install the necessary files (You may be asked for your window XP CD). Then it will ask you to restart the computer. After the computer restarts, your Hindi pages should show correctly in Netscape browser

3. For browsers on Windows platform lower than XP ?

  • install any UNICODE font that supports Devnagari. The recommended fonts are Code2000 or Mangal. Go to the following link to download Code2000. (Download 1)
    and install in by going to control panel>fonts

  • If the browser still does not show the document properly then do the following ?

    In IE:

  • go to Tools> Internet Option (in IE). From the default general tab click ?Languages?? button. The click ?add? button to add ?Hindi? or ?Sanskrit? (or any other language using Devanagari font) from the displayed list. Click ?Ok? to close the forms.

    In Netscape

  • For NS 7 +,: click ?view?, click ?character encoding?, select UTF-16LE. This should fix the problem

  • For NS 4.77 + go to edit> preferences>appearance>font. Select ?Unicode? in the first text box, and the name of your Unicode font (Code2000 or Mangal) in next two. This should fix the problem

  • If the problem still persists, add the desired language from the edit> preferences>appearance>language/content

Unicode display problems in Linux/Unix platform :

  • We recommend the mozila browser 1.5 for Devanagari display